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Friday, 13 September 2013

Charity event : Ride for Syria ( Fight for Their Right )

Assalamualaikum and salam jumaat to all muslims.

Me & my other fellow coursemates proudly present our event Ride for Syria : Fight for Their Right. I really appreciate of your willingness to join our event to raise fund for our relatives in Syria who are in needs. Let's join us and contribute to help them. We have everything here in Malaysia while they have nothing but they need a freedom too. So let's contribute something for them. To cyclist out there , let's join us. Those who are interested can lemme know. 

Do spread this event to all your friends. Much better if you are a cyclist , or your friend or you know someone who are a cyclist , do tell  us to join our event, We will have fun , and at the same time , we can do something good towards them eventhough we can't help much , but at least we can help them to have a good food adn etc

It might be nothing or a famous event , but only Allah can reward you a pahala. 

You can contact me if you are interested to join by comment to this post 


Go to this links for more details

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